FASHION TIPS 17 October 2022

The Best Underwear Brands For Men2022

Looking for the best men's underwear that covers all the bases and keeps your customers coming back for more? Then look no further! Check out our list of designer underwear for men that will elevate your stock.

All great wardrobes start with great staples, like underwear. Underwear is the first thing someone puts on and the last thing they take off. It gives them comfort, and your customers will certainly keep coming back when they’ve got a good pair.

Buying budget underwear is like buying dissolvable swimwear - it will do the job, but it won’t last, and it certainly won’t look as good. Whereas quality underwear made from quality fibres will have your customers forgetting they’re wearing anything at all. Whether lifting weights at the gym, running from business meeting to business meeting or going for a long outdoor hike, quality underwear will feel soft and invisible against the skin, making your customers come back time and time again.

It is for that exact reason that investing in top-quality underwear is a must for your store, and lucky for you, we’ve got four incredible designer brands to choose from.


Aeronautica Militare is a luxury Italian brand that was set up in the 60s by founder Cristiano Sperott. Aeronautica Militare is well known for its high-quality clothing for men and women that sports a comfortable urban style with elements of high fashion, and this signature style translates into their high-quality underwear. Aeronautica Militare is designed to be worn by customers who value quality, style, and freedom of movement.

In our wholesale Aeronautica Militare underwear collection, we stock high-quality cotton briefs and boxers in three classic colours.


Bikkembergs offer a dynamic and contemporary selection of Men’s Underwear. Made for those who love a free-spirited, cosmopolitan lifestyle, Bikkembergs offers underwear that is comfortable enough to take those who wear them from the gym to the office and everywhere in between.

In our wholesale Bikkembergs collection, we stock cotton briefs, vests, t-shirts and men’s pyjamas in a range of neutral colours.


If you are looking for a fun brand with originality and style, then look no further than Moschino. Created by Franco Moschino in 1983, the Italian label is bold, spirited and not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

In our wholesale Moschino collection, we stock boxers and briefs in a range of fun and vibrant colours and patterns, as well as your classic neutrals. All Moschino underwear is made from high-quality cotton.


For those who are looking for timeless, elegant and refined men's underwear, Pal Zileri is for you. Founded in Quinto Vicentino by Forall Confezioni, Pal Zileri embodies the Italian craftsmanship of modern design and tailoring tradition, creating underwear and socks that are the finishing touch for the modern man.

In our wholesale Pal Zileri collection, we stock simple and soft boxers as well as classy 100% cotton socks.

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